One Day Yes

One Day Yes

We are Africans and we invest in African female founders

One Day Yes is a more than a venture fund; we are partners and friends who work together with the shared goal of building generational companies across Africa. We hold long-term thinking central to our worldview, being able to invest with longer horizons than others. We serve as a bridge for African female builders to connect with leading global partners.

We are a thesis led fund with an affinity for networked businesses building essential rails that improve how underserved markets function. We like businesses that are able to connect fragmented nodes to one another.

How do we invest?
  • Investment stage: Pre-Seed → Series A+
  • Cheque size: ~$250k to ~$1m
  • Investment horizon: ~10 years

We believe contrarian theses, met with rigorous investment acumen, and meaningful relationships, underpin enterprise value.

Some of those we have partnered with are mentioned below.



Credit union led challenger bank in Kenya

Softbank Emerge


Merchant payment network in Sudan



Educational co-pilot in South Africa



Agent payment network in Nigeria

Firstminute Capital

We believe in water seeking its own level.

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